Al Hamberlin, Paleo River Founder

As a life long hunting advocate and ancient hunting history buff, it almost seemed to be destiny that Al would wind up harnessing his two passions to push him into developing the first Paleo River call.  

His love for hunting history began early in his childhood.  He would wander the woods near his home in search of indian arrowheads. Years later his fascination with ancient artifacts is still going strong.  

His fascination of how ancient hunters utilized the materials and tools available to them is what sparked Al to try and develop a duck call that could have been made by one of the ancient hunters he so respects.  This was the beginning of Paleo River. 

It took Al alot of prototypes, testing, and more prototypes, until now. Now he has developed a duck call that rivals or surpasses any call on the market in terms of quality of sound, but we feel our calls are hands down the leader in artistic craftsmanship and construction.   

To own and use a Paleo River duck call is to own a call that no one else on the planet owns.  Just like the antlers they are crafted from, each call is similar to a fingerprint; unique and one of a kind.  It is also like stepping back in time.  To a time when hunting was survival.

We are confident you will appreciate each one of a kind call, and are excited to share a Paleo River duck call with you.  To learn more about our calls click here.


"Surrounded by the rich hunting grounds of the Mississippi Delta from my childhood
till now, hunting has been a second religion to me.  Not only the act of hunting,
but the rich history of techniques and equipment used by our ancestors down
through the native americans and beyond inspired me to pay respect by individually
handcrafting not only a beautiful hunting tool, but also a highly effective one."

- Al Hamberlin, Paleo River Founder & Artisan     

Great hunting with friends

Being in the right place at the right time.

Hunting with the experienced David Moore in the Mississippi Delta.

Hunting with my great friend Felix Macon in the Mississippi Delta.

Another great winter morning.

The little guy Levi, my grandson, is taking over quickly.

Hunting with my Great Uncle, Doc Purvis.

Hunting with my friend Felix Macon.