Paleo River Duck Calls

"Surrounded by the rich hunting grounds of the Mississippi Delta from my childhood
till now, hunting has been a second religion to me.  Not only the act of hunting,
but the rich history of techniques and equipment used by our ancestors down
through the native americans and beyond inspired me to pay respect by individually
handcrafting not only a beautiful hunting tool, but also a highly effective one."

- Al Hamberlin, Paleo River Founder & Artisan     

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Meet Al, Paleo River Founder & Artisan, & how he came to found Paleo River Duck Calls. 

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Call Demonstration & Series Explanation

Watch Al demonstrate blowing a Paleo River white tail deer duck call.

This video explains why and how we categorize our duck calls into either the Series 120, 140, or 160 category.

My grandson was born to hunt!!!

My grandson was born to hunt!!!