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Individually Handcrafted

Bundle of antlers at the Paleo Headquarters.  Click to enlarge.

Each of our duck calls first start out as a trophy buck antler.  The antlers are measured and sorted based on size, color, and texture.  Only the best antlers are kept.

Once the sorting is completed, we then have an idea of the end product and possible duck call classification the antler will yield.

Currently we have three (3) series of duck calls: Series 120, Series 140, and Series 160.  The numbers in the series are based on the Boone & Crockett antler scale.  So the 120 series calls are made from antlers that score between 120 and 139 on the B & C.  The 140 score between 140 and 159.  However, the Series 160 are from antlers that scored 160 and up.  We don't get many of these antlers, so the calls we make from them are what we like to call the "Big Daddy's"!  Think you might want a Big Daddy?  I would suggest emailing us to pre-order if none in stock.  They don't last!

We made this video to explain why and how we categorize our duck calls that are made from white tail deer antlers into either the Series 120, 140, or 160 category.

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All calls are available in either double or single reed design.  You can specify this option at ordering when you go to place the call in your shopping cart.